FEMA Extends Hurricane Ian’s Proof of Loss Deadline

What is a Proof Of Loss?

A Proof of Loss (“POL”) is a legal document signed and notarized by a policyholder when requesting a certain amount of money from their insurance company. Filing a POL is required by homeowners’ insurance companies and must be provided within sixty (60) days of being requested by the insurance company; however, some insurance companies require a homeowner submits a POL within sixty (60) days after the claim is reported, regardless of whether it is specifically requested or not. The POL must include the amount of loss being claimed, documentation that supports the requested amount, date the loss occurred, cause of the loss, and identity of the party claiming the loss.

Hurricane Ian’s Proof Of Loss Extension and Implications

Hurricane Ian caused catastrophic devastation across southwest Florida. On October 6, 2022, FEMA extended the POL requirement from sixty (60) days to three-hundred and sixty-five (365) days for flood insurance policyholders in Florida who experienced flood damage from Hurricane Ian. The extension provides policyholders additional time to evaluate their property, losses, reports, and necessary documentation to comply with their claim.

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