Insurance Companies Unleashed to Harm Policyholders With No Consequences Following New Legislation

Insurance Companies Unleashed to Harm Policyholders With No Consequences Following New Legislation

Earlier this week, Florida lawmakers from the House of Representatives and the Senate unanimously voted to strip policyholders of their ability to hold unruly insurance companies accountable.  It is no secret that Florida is experiencing an insurance crisis, with six insurance companies going bankrupt in 2022 alone, and many other insurance companies pulling out of … Read more

What is an Assignment of Benefits?

An assignment of benefits (“AOB”) is a signed agreement that transfers an insured’s claim rights – either partially or in full – from their insurance policy to a third-party. A signed AOB grants third parties, such as water or mold remediation companies, the right to file a claim against your insurance company in order to … Read more

Can Homeowners Record Insurance Company Adjusters’ Inspections? 

Can Insurance Adjusters be Recorded During Home Inspections? On June 1, 2022,the Fourth District Court of Appeal of Florida in West Palm Beach held in favor of recording an insurance adjuster’s inspection at the insureds’ home. This decision may provide homeowners and public adjusters with a little peace of mind regarding property inspections of insurance … Read more

FEMA Extends Hurricane Ian’s Proof of Loss Deadline

What is a Proof Of Loss? A Proof of Loss (“POL”) is a legal document signed and notarized by a policyholder when requesting a certain amount of money from their insurance company. Filing a POL is required by homeowners’ insurance companies and must be provided within sixty (60) days of being requested by the insurance … Read more

What Is an EUO and Why Is It Important to Sit for One When Requested?

What is an EUO? An examination under oath, commonly referred to as an “EUO,” is a formal proceeding conducted by insurance companies to obtain relevant information about an insurance claim. First, the insured is placed under oath, meaning they legally swear the answers provided are truthful, under penalty of perjury.  Next, after the insured is placed … Read more

My Homeowners Insurance Claim Was Denied. What Should I Do Next?

Dealing with the aftermath of property loss can be stressful. Opening an insurance claim on your own can be a tedious process, especially if the insurance company denies your claim. Nevertheless, you timely reported the loss, provided the requested documentation, and complied with scheduled inspections. So why was your claim denied? Why Insurance Companies Deny … Read more

What is an Insurance Bad Faith Claim in Florida?

Insurance companies have a duty to treat policyholders fairly and with good intentions. In fact, they are bound by Florida Statute 624.155. After all, insurance policies are meant to indemnify policyholders against specific losses. Despite this duty, insurance companies often act in bad faith. Insurance companies are ultimately for-profit businesses. Therefore, they may act unfairly … Read more

Three Most Common Homeowners Insurance Claims

In Florida, mortgage lenders require home insurance coverage for their own financial protection. Although there is no other legal requirement to obtain home insurance, it is strongly recommended. Home insurance allows homeowners to protect their property investment, personal belongings, and additional expenses incurred as a result of a covered loss. Despite taking precautions to avoid … Read more

Demotech Downgrades the Financial Rating of Three Florida Insurance Companies

What is Demotech? Demotech, Inc. is an Ohio-based consulting firm that provides financial ratings for property and casual insurance companies. These ratings assist property owners when selecting from insurance companies. Demotech began rating Florida insurers after Hurricane Andrew made landfall in 1992 and caused billions of dollars in property damage.  Demotech offers ratings to express how … Read more

What Is Water Damage?

Water damage is one of the most common causes of home insurance claims. Water damage may be caused by storm-related floods, bursting pipes, sewer backups, broken appliances, and more. Most homeowner insurance policies cover accidental water damage, while additional flood insurance can be purchased.  Steps A Homeowner Should Take After Experiencing Water Damage The following … Read more