What is a common reason for a hurricane damage claim to be filed late?

Wind uplift damage can result in “hidden” damage, which often results in late hurricane claim submissions. 

Filing late, past the window to file, is a quick way to get your claim denied.

A real scenario that often results in submissions being filed late or close to the filing deadline is wind uplift damage.  

Wind uplift damage occurs when wind lifts pieces or sections of your roof, and then when the wind intensity decreases or stops, those affected areas naturally fall back down. When wind uplift occurs, the areas affected may not look damaged, so upon looking at your roof, you may not suspect you have any damage at all. It takes a professional with knowledge of what wind uplift damage is to identify if your roof has sustained this type of damage.

Wind uplift damage leads to water intrusion in house

If left alone, wind uplift damage can result in water intrusion, leading to water damage. If the uplifted sections of the roof occur in an area that’s difficult to see, the damage may not become noticeable until it spreads to a more visible area of the home. At this point, months may pass before the damage is spotted. Enough time that you may not even suspect the damage came from a hurricane that passed months ago. 

If a hurricane or powerful storm passes over your home, getting your home inspected can help you avoid a situation where you discover you have hurricane damage after the window to file a claim closes. 

Recent changes in Florida laws have reduced the time you have to file a hurricane damage claim to only a single year after the date of loss. Prior to this change, homeowners had two years to file their claim. 

This change can actually negatively impact homeowners with wind uplift damage.

Since wind uplift damage is not always easy to identify, homeowners tend to become aware of it after the damage spreads. By reducing the window to file, homeowners are at risk of having a late submission if they do not get their home inspected shortly after a powerful storm.

Hurricane wind uplift damage attorney consultation

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