South Florida bracing for days of heavy rainfall prompting state of emergency declaration.

South Florida bracing for days of heavy rainfall prompting state of emergency declaration. 

In response to severe weather conditions, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis declares a state of emergency while residents are grappling with significant flooding.

Residents still remember last year’s flood that occurred in April 2023 that severely affected Fort Lauderdale and they’re expressing their frustrations as they face flooding again.

“This can’t be happening again,” said a Downtown Fort Lauderdale resident who had just moved into a new apartment off Broward Boulevard and SE 3rd Avenue.  

They shared this photograph with us, which shows a flooded SE 3rd Avenue in Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

Cars stranded in Fort Lauderdale flood on SE 3rd Avenue

This resident said the flood water kept going over the median, and drivers were unaware a median was even there. As a result, drivers kept crashing into it, causing damage to their vehicles. 

Misconceptions about flood damage coverage. 

It’s a common misconception that a standard homeowner’s insurance policy covers flood damage.  These types of policies do not typically provide coverage for flood damage.  They often cover water damage, but water damage and flood damage are considered to be separate events. 

For flood damage coverage, you need flood insurance. 

Homeowners in South Florida are dealing with back-to-back years of significant flash flooding events, spurring an increased need for flood insurance.

If your property sustained flood damage and you do not have flood insurance then the cost to repair or replace the damaged areas will likely have to come out of pocket.

Fort Lauderdale damaged house after flood
Cars in flood are stranded reports a single inch of water can result in $25,000 of property damage. 

Floods can inflict substantial damage to flooring, appliances, electrical systems, septic systems, walls, doors, and it promotes the growth of mold and mildew.

Flood damage claims are expected to surge in the coming days. 

For homeowners in South Florida, securing flood insurance has become essential given the recurrent flood events and the vastly scattered flood zones in the area.

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