How Can I Maximize My Hurricane Property Damage Claim?

Hurricane season is here.  There’s an easy and simple step you can take today to help maximize any future hurricane property damage claims. 

Take pictures and videos of your home inside and out. Remember to focus on your roof. reports that more than 90% of homes damaged in a hurricane sustain roof damage

Roof damage is by far the most common damage sustained by homes during a hurricane. Wind and water damage are second. 

By taking pictures and videos of your home – especially your roof – at the start of hurricane season, you help create indisputable evidence for any potential claim in the future.  If your home is damaged by a hurricane, your claim will be filed with pictures and videos showing what your roof and home looked like before the hurricane struck and then after.  These images and videos are strong evidence that’s difficult for an insurance company to ignore.  

Speak with a Florida hurricane property damage attorney about your damage.

If your home does sustain damage during a hurricane, speaking with a hurricane property damage claim attorney can be the difference between a claim denial and a high claim payout. 

Attorney Matt Gelber offers free claim reviews for hurricane damage cases. There’s no obligation and the information is completely free. Speak with our legal team today.

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